Reward & Earnings


When you purchase a minimum of 100 watts of 1-Watt Solar Credit note – a unit cost of $3 per Watt! as a new member, you will be plugged into our AUTO-PILOT TURBO MATRIX MODEL. Your position is on MATRIX - 1.

You will be required to push a minimum of 3 additional Solar Business Kit Note to new members while on MATRIX - 1. You have fulfilled 1-watt solar minimum success requirement and helped generated additional 300watt of Electricity to the Solar Super Off grid Infrastructure. (You may go to BED if you want) After completing the MATRIX - 1 requirement, you are set to advance to MATRIX - 2. (You achieve 1-Matrix move-up each time 3-new member join your platform from any level). You move up is automatic, you will not need any direct effort again, just continue to give superior support to your success line and watch your income grow like an ATM. Your further advancement and positioning on the 1-WATT SOLAR platform will further be generated by our system automatically!

At MATRIX - 3, you will earn your first Solar Credit of $300 – SIMPLE; you have your 100% ROI!

Earn additional Solar Credit of $1,500 at MATRIX - 8 just before you qualify for 'tHE GREEN ECONOMY' at Break out. Remember a LEVERAGE COUPON can help you Breakout in few days, USE IT. The Business Smarts use LEVERAGE (By Introducing additional direct Entrepreneurs or Redeem your accumulated Coupons from Carbon Credit Network (CCN) Move up the THIRTEENTH MATRIX. I bet you, your $6000 is there in your account. CONGRATULATIONS!

Its not Over yet!
You will get a FREE gift voucher that automatically qualify you for the 2nd Deal Trip - Another $6,000 in weeks! The revolution continues each time you Break Out. Congratulations.

Ready to Start? CONTACT US!
1-WATT SOLAR CLUB is a free to join highly interconnected Sustainable Energy for all (SE4ALL) Initiative and working directly to help the World Bank’s Placing Price on Carbon Coalition.

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