At GosolarAfrica for 1-Watt Solar, our mission is to spread the use of clean, renewable solar power and technologies as simply and as rapidly as possible. That’s why we’ve done everything possible to eliminate obstacles to both buying the solar power, and becoming an Ambassador.

The simplest way we have designed this is to align our offering with the World Bank and UNFCCC Placing Price on Carbon Initiative. By this program, Organization, businesses and individuals from around the world will be able to get involved in various trade and Cap methodologies and voluntary place limit to an amount of carbon permissible by them on an aggregate to the equivalent amount of emission, Green house gas or CO2 produced by their facility per year. Companies participating under this voluntary market will be enlisted on the Carbon Exchange Trade platform where your renewable energy investment will be matched or qualified for a Solar Credit on the mean term.

We have also partnered with a U.S. based carbon asset management organization to register our project of switching 1million customers to Solar PV; with a goal to capture gross 100million Metric tons CO2 by 2017. (Read more about how U.N carbon market works on our website www.carboncreditnetwork.org).

With an expected mid-term carbon offset advanced investment earned from the Green Carbon Fund to the Green market place within the next 6 months for about 40million Metric Tons CO2, GoSolarAfrica shall be able to deploy its first 15,000 SHS for residential customers after fulfilling all conditions under the Solar Rental Agreement. With much anticipation, millions of businesses and entrepreneurs have waited for a simple way or platform to tap into the United Nations carbon finance mechanism; 1-Watt Solar will offer the 1st most friendly way to build wealth through this as climate change problem itself is a good business!

Our program entails no up-front costs or fees, unlike several other direct selling organizations; but we do demand that you invest time in educating yourself and in turn educating the consumer about renewable energy, most specifically, PV-generated electricity.

When an ambassador signs up and successfully completes our initial training and energy audit test, they become a full-fledged Green ambassador. From there, simply begin spreading the good news about our remarkably affordable solar power systems and offerings. Successful Entrepreneurs find the quickest way to attract residential customers and in return become eligible for long-term residual income: Green Entrepreneurs receive Solar Credit Note based on additional daily 1-watt generated to join the Installed 3,000MW goal of GosolarAfrica to the Africa’s Single largest Solar Off grid Electricity Infrastructure and through our customer rental fee and the green carbon funds; you receive Solar Credit Note for customers that sign long-term contracts (see Compensation plan for more details).

The exciting aspect is that the renewable energy industry is still in its infancy. With less than 1.3% total market penetration, the renewable energy industry has a huge market to tap into. What’s more, solar power makes up less than 3/5 of a percent of the renewable share in Nigeria power sector, and yet, solar power has the greatest potential of all renewable types.

Arguably, PV is the most elegant form of energy generating technology. In the past it has failed to make a substantial impact on our grid and nation, due chiefly to the price disparity of the technology. But GosolarAfrica has changed all of that. Solar power is now cost competitive with the utility price, and more over, consumers no longer have to make an upfront investment. They are able to pay for it the same way that they pay for their current electricity – less one distinct difference, the cost of PV-generated electricity has the potential of staying fixed for up to 10 years.

With a captive and willing audience – over 70% of the market, GoSolarAfrica green Entrepreneurs can build themselves a long-term second income with much awaited Solar Credit realization in Africa. The thrifty green Entrepreneurs will spend very little time and effort to attract customers, and need only shell out a few cash in marketing and advertising costs to reap the benefits of several years of carbon credit commissions.

Finally, beyond the financial rewards of being a representative of 1-Watt Solar, Green Entrepreneurs will be fulfilled with the knowledge that the Solar Home Systems being added to our off grid plan for homes are replacing fossil fuels and are the first step to greater energy surety and a smarter grid.

To be a green Ambassador, you do not need to be a college graduate or a seasoned sales executive. All you need to be is someone with the desire to make a difference in the World, desire to end black outs, and someone who shares our belief that solar power will make that difference.

That’s it. There is no cost to join! Our sole interest is in creating a family of 1-Watt Solar who understand the good they can do by simply selling this system. So please continue reading and make the choice to join once you have finished.

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Earning buck in business today can be so daunting; we decided to create this program to enable you earn income over the internet and from the comfort of your own home by leveraging on relationships. Likewise you will have the possibility of gaining a source of steady earnings when you register for our business plan.
Unlike other programs; 1-WATT SOLAR CLUB offer you a FREE lifetime membership.

You will activate your membership by purchasing a minimum of 100 watts of 1-Watt Solar Credit note – a unit cost of $3 per Watt! There are no other hidden fees. This purchase enables us to offer you the 1-Watt Solar BUSINESS KIT and you enjoy our phenomenal reward plan.

Our Model employs automated pilot system that automatically places every NEW MEMBER that activates an account on OUR AUTO-PILOT TURBO MATRIX SYSTEM.

With our goal of generating more than 3,000MW of electricity to support the GosolarAfrica Super Off grid infrastructure, we are aggregating 1-watt of solar power per time in our aspiration to double Nigeria’s generation capacity. When you join us and purchase our Solar note, you contribute at least 100 watt of electricity and with over 5million enthusiastic Solar Entrepreneurs, we are building the Africa’s largest Green Solar farm in history!

The Thrill continues. You will move up the platform from a WHITE COLLAR seat through BLUE ECONOMY to become GREEN ECONOMY. This is the beginning of a lifetime Financial Freedom as 1-WATT SOLAR does not limit your EARNING potential.
Until 2014 several research and studies show that an overwhelming majority of residential consumers possess a predisposition towards Offgrid-connected photovoltaic (“OGPV”) systems. Roughly, 85% exhibit a willingness to pay a premium for PV-generated electricity; and 80% state a likelihood of purchasing a no-added cost OGPV system. From a general renewable standpoint, 81% of the Nigerian market remarkably favors requiring power companies to generate at least 20% of their electricity from alternative renewable energy sources.

It is clear that the market size of ‘near-term’ purchasers – those representing the highest likelihood of a near-term purchase, given system availability – is sizeable.

After much research and scrutiny, it was determined that approximately 5 to 15 percent of the Nigerian residential electricity consumer – having a residence properly oriented and sharing a consistent trait of self-reliance – can be considered near-term early adopters of PV. On the low side, this makes GoSolarAfrica’s immediate and readily identifiable market equal to roughly 15 million residential consumers. What is unknown about this market is the speed at which it will grow based on the fact that the GosolarAfrica offering requires no investment risk and is at price parity with PHCN power. The market size is likely to grow far beyond its initial measurement and well beyond the grid connected distribution methods currently limiting its growth.

Green Entrepreneurs of 1-Watt Solar are charged with reaching out to these consumers, educating them, and giving them the opportunity to buy into renewable energy. How we go about this is by directly communicating to the public the benefits, advantages, and need for PV; we then make it possible for consumers to adopt PV technology in a simple, investment-free way. No other program makes it so easy. Through our network of independent Green Entrepreneurs, GosolarAfrica is empowering itself to reach a huge market rapidly and effectively.

In return for this effort, 1-Watt Solar will compensate Green Entrepreneurs handsomely for successfully attracting consumers to the 1-Watt Solar offering. We will do this through long-term residual income, Green Carbon Funds, Rebate and Solar Credits. GoSolarAfrica believes this is an opportune time for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals – who have the desire to change the way we generate, distribute and own electricity, depend on foreign fuels, and interact with the environment – to get involved and begin securing a future income simply for the act of making a difference.

We invite you to review our proposal – as described in the following links, and to make the choice to represent the GoSolarAfrica to the residential market.
1-Watt Solar is structured to give you the freedom and independence you desire, but also to support you every step of the way. As a green ambassador, you are expected to complete your training modules in weeks and trained and supported by a White Collar officer. The White Collar officer will support you in your initial days of product knowledge, sales cycle management, sales tools, and lead generation. Your officer will work with you to continue honing your skills.

As you progress and begin to desire a more substantial status in the network, you can become an officer yourself. And as such, you are now supported by a Blue Economy Supervisor. The Blue Economy Supervisor is going to support you as you begin to develop and recruit new green Enterpreneurs to work with you. You will be able to identify and attract the right type of candidates for the position (enthusiastic, like-minded, entrepreneurial, etc.).

Let’s not forget that after White Collar officer comes the Blue Economy supervisor. As a Blue Economy supervisor, you increase your status and earning capability. But you are now responsible for helping White Collar officers recruit and attract, and are responsible for assisting them in developing training techniques for their Entrepreneurs. Blue Economy supervisors are supported by Green Economy managers – who have intimate knowledge of the program, and are there to help drive the sales force.

In addition to green Economy managers are Ultimate leaders, and the whole of our sales organization is supported by 1-Watt Solar’s executive team, Solar Green fellows and staff. We are here to make certain that the tools you need are there for you, and the issues you face are resolved promptly.

Green Entrepreneurs, officers, Supervisors and managers are all in this together and have the ability to network together and exchange ideas and techniques through email, the knowledge base, and traditional face-to-face and telephone meetings. The structure that we have put together is designed to make being a part of our organization the simplest and most rewarding experience you have ever had. We look forward to having you as a green ambassador!
Training is paramount to our organization because we are active in an infantile market that is dealing with new and disruptive technology. We demand, of our representatives, intimate knowledge of the solar energy space. We don’t ask that you become an electrical engineer or technician, but we do ask that you understand the difference between fossil fuels and renewable fuels and that you understand ways to save energy, how the cost saving of Solar over generators works, what solar, how solar power works, and how solar power benefits us in so many ways. We believe that if you are properly trained in this knowledge that you will have the ability and the confidence to pass on that knowledge to the consumer and affectively sell the consumer – knocking down all barriers to the consumer.

As you progress in the Organization, you must also take qualifying training to become a green officer, Supervisor, and manager. These are obviously successively harder as they cover additional material. But each of the training is designed to equip you with the best knowledge possible for fulfilling your duties successfully. In addition to the initial tests, we also require market place entrepreneurs, Installers and managers to fulfill an annual training.

Several training tools are available to you to assist you in passing your tests and to help you to continually build your knowledge of the renewable energy industry and the easiest methods of making a sell. We stress training and supplying you with the right training tools because we believe knowledge is critical: accurate knowledge breaks down barriers. So, if you have any suggestions for improving our training program and training tools, please feel free to do so.
A shift in the focus to renewable Green energy will create a new economy where the abundance supply of green energy (Solar) will provide a bedrock for an economic growth especially in the creation of Jobs, healthy environment, wealth creation (where whopping sum budget that would have been burned in the air could be used to finance new investments), entrepreneurship and technological advancement.

Early adopters of our offering have the greatest advantage for fast acceleration through our marketing plan, our innovative energy rental and finance program is first in Africa and has been endorsed by the UFCCC, REEEP, Ministry of Power, Council for Renewable Energy of Nigeria, ECREEE, CTI-PFAN, UN Foundation, Practitioner Network, UNS4ALL, Nigerian Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation, World Bank and the Climate change Unit, Federal & State Ministry of Environment. A mix of over 95 years experience of GosolarAfrica management board in providing Energy Finance and Technology solutions to the poor is poised to enhance fast implementation of our programs and projects, giving excellent service with an unmatched technical and information support to our customers will make the acceptance of our product seamless and successful.

Please note that this offer is only a ground floor opportunity!

Contact us for specific discussion and clarifications. info@1wattsolar.org

“We are creating the foundation of a massive infrastructure. If you have ever seen a high-rise built, we are in the phase where all you see is a big hole in the ground. We are laying the conduit and the pipes. If you want to be a pioneer in helping GoSolarAfrica bring renewable energy to the masses, roll up your sleeves and let’s go to work. But don’t get upset if something is not perfect. That is like showing up to a construction site and complaining, “What! No carpet and paint on the walls? ”