How it works

1-WATT SOLAR CLUB can offer you the opportunity to install a Free 1KVA, 2KVA and 3KVA Solar Home System with nothing down OR you are paid a non negotiable $6,000 per Deal Trip in your Green Bank account without physical selling, referrals, chain letters and down line or pyramid stuffs!

We shall demonstrate how your earnings will accumulate without monthly refferral. You will only need to promote a minimum number of 1-watt Solar Business Kit note to new members. That is all! What else? Take some shower, go to bed and wait for the payday!

May be you having the gut. Start a green business and become a broker today and enjoy a compounding return with lots of Business Intelligence. 1-WATT SOLAR Business Membership.

There are no fees to 1-watt Solar membership; Explained below are the various Clubs' un matched offerings. Your purchase entitles you to a Solar Tutelage. Every new member enjoys the club's FREE membership. You will activate your membership with a purchase of 1-WATT SOLAR CREDIT NOTE and this offer you our Solar Training.

• Earn guaranteed $6000 in cash per Deal Trip without working or get a Free $9,000 worth of 3KVA Solar Home System Immediately.
• Earn additional LEVERAGE COUPON on every new member you refer after qualification.
• Your earning is guaranteed when you recommend a minimum of 3 or more Solar Credit Note to new members.
• Receive your own 1-WATT SOLAR free back office update
• Access to the 1-WATT SOLAR Marketing System & back office.
• Receive hands on expert training and support.
• Quality lifestyle.
• Entry to the 1-WATT SOLAR business owner’s forum & global network,
• Free Business mentorship support & lead follow-up.

Contact the 1-WATT SOLAR Entrepreneur that introduced you to this Club.

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