About Us

Dear Electricity Consumer,
In support of GoSolar Africa's initiative to generate more than 3000MW Solar electricity super grid, 1-watt Solar lets you put solar power on your roof without having to purchase an expensive system. Why risk investing millions of Naira when you can enjoy the same benefits with no risk?

We design the perfect fit for your home. Never over-engineered, your PV system meets as much of your electrical needs as possible and looks great! Our performance guarantee means that your solar system will be online all the time. If not, we provide the maintenance free of charge, and you don't pay for it to just sit there.

What's more, our offer means you have a buffer from the ever-increasing costs of electricity. A kobo saved is a kobo earned! Solar energy is safe and smart; and if it means that you are helping our economy, our national security, and our environment, then isn't it time to make solar democratic?

Call today or visit our website. We look forward to helping bring solar electricity to your home.
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