3,455.14 T /CO2
Join us to contribute One Watt towards achieving our target of 3000MW
We want to double the power grid of Nigeria by 2020!

Welcome to 1 Watt!

Join the solution. End Blackout. Free yourself! Today, solar power has become the most significant step toward energy independence, freedom, increased payback and a huge step in preserving our environment and protecting our national security from dependence on foreign oil

1-watt Solar lets you put solar power on your roof without having to purchase an expensive system. Why invest thousands of dollars when you can enjoy the same benefits at no risk? We design the perfect fit for your home. Never over-engineered, so your PV system meets 100% of your needs and looks great!

Our performance guarantee means that your solar system will be online all the time. If not, we provide the maintenance free of charge and you don’t pay for it to just sit there. What’s more, our offer means you end regular blackouts, unpardonable noise, ever increasing cost of generator maintenance, fraud based PHCN estimated bills and unpredictable fuel scarcity. A penny saved is a penny earned! Solar energy is safe and smart; and if it also means that you are helping our economy, our environment, and our national security, then isn’t it time to go solar or you are a sold out entrepreneur who help others switch to solar via 1-Watt Solar?

Talk to one of our Green Ambassador today. We look forward to make history by bringing solar electricity to your home free of charge.

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Earning buck in business today can be so daunting; we decided to create this program to enable you earn income over the internet and from the comfort of your own home by leveraging on relationships. Likewise you will have the possibility of gaining a source of steady earnings when you register for our business plan.

Unlike other programs; 1-WATT SOLAR CLUB offer you a FREE lifetime membership!

You will activate your membership by purchasing a minimum of 100 watts of 1-Watt Solar Credit note – a unit cost of $3 per Watt! There are no other hidden fees. This purchase enables us to offer you the 1-Watt Solar BUSINESS KIT and you enjoy our phenomenal reward plan.

Our Model employs automated pilot system that automatically places every NEW MEMBER that activates an account on OUR AUTO-PILOT TURBO MATRIX SYSTEM.

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“The safety of my environment has become my primary concern since I joined CCN ”

Dr. Stella Nuels, Green Centre Director